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other services


We take care each of our patient critical cases. So, we provide 24 hours emergency services like Ambulance, Nursing and Immediate operations.


24 hours Emergency Ambulance Service

Just make a call to near by Shwe La Min hospital for real quick.

24 hours Emergency Medical Service

24hr emergency medical care services. Experienced residential Medical Officers and Staff Nurses. Effective medical services and prompt & treatment

Can I call emergency ambulance from online?

For emergency cases, we suggested to make immidiate hotline call is more appropriate.

What is included in day care treatment?

A day care treatment procedure involves medical operations, treatments and surgeries that require less than 24-hour hospitalisation. Few examples of day care procedures are cancer chemotherapy, appendectomy, angiography, radiotherapy and more.

Patient Care Services

For Patient Services

Call : 01 655 6124
Mail :info@shwelaminhospitals.com
Address : No.1254 Thudhama Road, Ward-2 North Okkalapa Township Yangon, Myanmar

Shwe La Min
North Okkalapa

Thudhama Road, Ward-2
North Okkalapa Township
Yangon, Myanmar
Hot Line: 01 655 612

Shwe La Min

Zawgyi Street
Lanmadaw Township
Yangon, Myanmar
Hot Line: 01 230 1949

Shwe La Min

Bo Saw Maung Street
Yonegyi Ward, Hinthada
Ayeyarwady, Myanmar
Phone: 044 202 1375, 202 2799

Shwe La Min

No.1, Shan Su Street
Daing Wun Kun
Mon, Myanmar
Hot Line: 057 202 6202, 202 6855

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